Augmented Reality Engine

In late 2010 we spotted a potential trend for Augmented Reality as a marketing tool – not a new idea as it had been done before but wasn’t a mainstream technique for marketing purposes yet. At this stage I spent a fair amount of time researching the topic but being a bootstrapped service business it wasn’t long this project was parked to gather dust. Around mid-2011 it was discovered again and the initiative was relaunched, Augmented Reality solutions existed now but given our unique relationship as a production partner for a few agencies we saw value of us being able to offer a solution that wouldn’t have the additional cost. So as a company we decided I would be given a couple of months dedicated to build a prototype to be used to promote the service to agencies. Thankfully OpenCV made it possible to build a fully functional prototype (with rendering engine) within this time. The result was a lot of long nights and a fairly responsive marker (template) detection engine.

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