The rise of the agents

A Software Agents is a autonomous software program than acts on behalf of the user with no or minimal interaction. The concept has been around for sometime but will become ever so important as we move into a truly programmable world and our digital footprint/dependency reaches tipping point (for some it already has for those checking their phones 155 times per day).

Initially we will see these acts performing simple and safe tasks such as filtering content, sorting emails, and keeping our house warm – but will increase in responsibility as we become more comfortable with giving up a little control.

Recently I wrote an article for IBM Developer works around Signals and Micro-Interactions – a post looking at how Wearables complement and allow for our shift towards peripheral interaction (ambient communication). The post coincided with the release of Android Wear – so I took it as an opportunity to play around. The example project is around a service that takes advantage of the extensions to Notification framework to allow the user keep an eye on any bids they have on the trading site trademe (New Zealand’s equivalent to ebay).

This is a nice simple example of how agents can be used and how Wearables can be taken advantage of – the code is available here for those who are interested.