What to do with iBeacons?

One of my first projects I endeavoured out of Uni was building a proximity marketing service using some discounted Motorola phones with JSR-82. Imagine being able to push messages to customers in proximity with vouchers and special offers – reality of this was spam, unsolicited messages interrupting the customer, normally inconveniently. A lot of the ‘services’ currently being implemented using iBeacon remind me of these days, the good news that this time round the user has to ‘opt-in’ i.e. install an app. 

Since then my interest has shifted from being intrusive to invisible and you can see this with our current iBeacon prototype at Razorfish UK.   

We’re about to move into our new office, the layout is open-plan – broken over 3 floors with each floor split down the middle due to the structure of the building. We have defined these as our ‘Zones’. Each zone will be scattered with iBeacons where (assuming the app is installed) an app running in the background will check-in and out of the zones as people enter and exit. Initially when the app is installed, their playlists (currently integrated Album and Spotify) will be synced with the central server. When an check-in/out event occurs, the ‘Jukebox’ for that zone (Social Jukebox) will update its playlist based on the collective preference of those within that zone e.g. if the majority of people within the zone like Jazz then Jazz music will dominate that zones playlist.

Due to be released in 2 weeks time – will post our findings.