Prototype for a Digital Innovation Contest (Games)

I came across a competition recently that sounded interesting (and of interest) – the competition is organised by a UK Government technology board called IC Tomorrow and sponsored by Google Chrome (details here). The competition is to explore new ways of initiating web apps using new technologies, description shown below:

New technology can change the way mobile web games are shared and initiated between players. Typically, mobile web games (i.e. those run in a browser, not native apps) are started by typing in a web address on a mobile device and shared by sending the address to friends. More innovative ways to start games’ sessions between users on the web will increase the potential for games to engage and attract players. This challenge seeks the development of a new service or new interaction that will encourage players to start their games’ sessions with other users with as little effort as possible.

In some of my previous posts I talk about Just-In-Time Interaction and a P2P gaming discovery and initiating service. After reading the competition description I thought it would be worth exploring how Web technology (Web and WebRTC) could be used to create a more dynamic service for proximity gaming and currently working on the first prototype (slowly).

The following 2 diagrams hopefully describe the architecture of the service and user flow. In essence, a broker will be used for developers to register their games and serve the appropriate ones to peers.

PlayMates are subtly notified when they come come into proximity of each other, either PlayMate can invite the other to a game which is served up by the broker and once/if accepted the connection is made via WebRTC.